For those of you who have expressed interest, I just wanted to share another site that you can join in at this year for Scripture Memory.

Intro Post: http://kristiwoods.net/2016/01/scripturebank2016-january-week-1/


New Bible Study – The Book of Job

I thought some of you may be interested in the free Bible study that Good Morning Girls/Women Living Well Ministries is hosting. The study starts today at: http://womenlivingwell.org/2016/01/today-we-begin-the-book-of-job-intro-and-resources-for-job-1-5/


“When all forty-two chapters of the book of Job are said and done, the inspired author leaves us with an unshakable and undoubted fact: God governs all things for his good purposes.” -John Piper


New Beginnings

Thank you to the few that hung in there this year, and those of you that helped to support this blog! Due to the response from my inquiry, things will be a little different here. I am excited for where the LORD is going to be taking me in ministry.

I want to encourage you to keep up your scripture memory. There will no longer be accountability check-ins here, however. (Throughout 2016, you may be able to still check into http://blog.lproof.org/ if you are still interested.)

If any of you want to follow along with devotions/messages that the LORD blesses me with the ability to share, or of other gifted writers that are involved within the ministry communities and teams that I am a part of, please visit me/us over at:

Vision61 Ministries
Community Moms



And to quote Sherry once again this year, for what is to come:

New Year

New Beginning

New Attitude