Information on an Upcoming Blogging Series, “God Calm My Anxious Heart”

How does God bring peace to you in moments of anxiety? What truths do you hold on to when you feel worried or fearful?

We all struggle with feeling anxious. Some have panic attacks. For many, anxiety requires professional help. There is social anxiety, phobia, obsessive and compulsive behaviors that are all related to anxiety.

Anxiety can keep us from living in the freedom of peace and joy. It can hold us back from being all God calls us to be. It can isolate and lead to loneliness.

Starting in August of 2015, three bloggers (Me Too Moments For Moms, Suburban Stereotype, and Vision61) will come together to host stories from writers who are willing to share their battle with anxiety.

We are looking for stories where writers focus on the goodness of God.

We need writers who are willing to be honest about their struggle and desire to encourage others to find hope in God.

If you have a story to share please email for more information. Please let us know if you are planning to join us by June 25th.

God Calm My Anxious Heart Blogging Series Logo

In the meantime, you are also invited to join the “God Calm My Anxious Heart” Facebook Group, where you can find support, prayer coverage, and others who struggle also.



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