Sermon on the Mount (If:Equip Bible Study Intro)

This coming Monday, May 11, IF:Equip will be starting a new study, “Sermon on the Mount.”


Quoted from IF:Equip


Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount is found in the gospel of Matthew. Matthew, the tax collector had two goals in mind when he wrote his account of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

• Jesus most likely taught the Sermon on the Mount in Galilee on a mountainside.

• His audience consisted of a multitude of people, including followers and Jews.

• Jesus spoke about His coming kingdom, repentance and a call to live righteously.

• At the time of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus had recently begun his ministry.  Before this, John the Baptist had prepared the way for Jesus and baptized Him, Jesus had been tempted in the desert by Satan, and Jesus had selected His first disciples.

With this powerful opening sermon, Jesus shakes things up by emphasizing the heart over external actions.

Invite others to join.


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